Email marketing statistics from the DMAThe bi-annual National Email Benchmarking Report has recently been published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). The report covers the state of email marketing in the UK for the second half of 2012.

According to the benchmarks, almost a quarter of respondents reported an upward lift in marketing budgets with twenty-two percent of marketing budgets grew in size. But what about email? Well, 29% of respondents said that their budget for email marketing had increased, too. 13% decreased their budgets, which was marginally less than for the first half of 2012.

The report also discovered that more emails are being sent by marketers. The second half of 2012 was busy with the Olympic and Paralympic games, for which email marketing played a significant role, therefore a rise in the number of marketing emails was fully expected. During that period, 25% more emails were sent than for the same time in 2011.

The DMA also look at just who is sending these emails and the biggest sector, as you would guess, was retail, followed by finance, travel and publishing. We’re unlikely to see any change in these standings for some time.

Seasonal sending appeared to hit an unexpected decline last year, with email marketers who’s primary driver of volume was seasonality dropping from 41% in 2010 to 17% in 2012. Return on investment seems to be taking seasonality’s place when it comes to the primary driver with ROI being touted as the number one factor for 42% of email marketers.

Lastly, we’ll finish on a statistic from the second half of 2012 which certainly isn’t the biggest number, but it is likely the most significant: 41% of emails opened were on mobile devices.