Email in 2014Marketing experts are suggesting that the length of promotional emails is likely to shorten during 2014 in a bid to keep the modern subscriber engaged.

The number of worldwide business email accounts is expected to grow by 5% next year and then continue to do so until it hits 1.1 billion in 2017. This seismic growth is nothing but fantastic news for email marketing professionals, but it is also a clear indication that practices and the way in which campaigns are tailored will have to dramatically change if they are to be effective.

We live in a fast-moving world which is now peppered with short, sharp bites of information. Whether it be Facebook status updates, RSS feeds or 140 character tweets, data and the way in which it is consumed is being significantly condensed. Consumers and the public in general are thought to be weary of too much text and emails which focus too heavily on words as opposed to engaging imagery could suffer as a result.

Subscribers in 2014 will expect promotional emails to say more with far less content. The changes can already been seen – many festive email newsletters from big brands have noticeably shrunk in terms of text content, instead focussing on one or two images and some basic, yet engaging copy.

Short content also helps provoke curiosity in what lies beyond. As we have long stressed at mailingmanager, emails go hand-in-hand with landing pages on websites and it is the latter where the bulk of the story should take place. The former should be a short and inviting introduction which gets people clicking.

Shorter emails are also likely to help leverage the colossal growth of mobile email, which now accounts for over half of all email opens.

So, expect to see less text in your inbox during 2014!


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