Email on the moveAccording to a recent email benchmark study by Experian, email volume in the second quarter of this year was 17.9% higher that it was for the same period in 2012. Unique open rates in early 2013 climbed by 7.2%.

Experian’s study closely analysed email marketing campaigns in order to identify the platforms on which emails were opened. Twenty-nine campaigns from seven brands were studied with five million openers and their corresponding responses tracked over a twelve month period. As always, mobile dominated these statistics – half of all unique opens in the second quarter of 2013 took place on mobile devices. People are simply opening a lot more emails and they’re doing so while on the move.

However, it appears mobile openers perhaps aren’t as keen to spend, or at least not on their smartphones. Bill Tancer, GM of global research at Experian Marketing Services, confirmed what has long been considered to be the case: “We find that mobile phones return mostly low-consideration purchases, things like ringtones.” By contrast, those who opened emails both on their mobile devices and desktops were proven to dig a little deeper into their wallets.

Most importantly, those who open emails on tablets or smartphones are more likely to take note of the offer on the table and return to purchase on their desktop machines later on. Thirty-one percent of subscribers were found to open their email on a combination of devices. That’s really positive and shows engagement can last long after the initial opening of an email.

“The path to the consumer is getting increasingly complex,” Tancer explained. “The interplay between mobile and other platforms encapsulates the future. People are collecting and digesting information everywhere at all times. We’re just now at the tip of the iceberg in knowing how to get from the initial contact to the end of the transaction.”


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