Love EmailThere has never been more ways for marketers to reach their customers or clients. As well as traditional methods like direct mail and even word of mouth, things like the rise of social media have allowed marketers and business owners to become more and more creative with their communications.

However, despite there being more marketing methods than ever, email remains a firm favourite with marketing professionals. According to research conducted by Campaigner, 60% of executives polled said that email marketing offers the best return on investment. Only around a quarter rated social media as the best for ROI, while only 20% said that direct marketing offered the best results.

The survey also showed that marketing professionals measure email marketing success in different ways. 41% said that click-through rates were the best measure of success, while 38% thought open rates were the most important metric.

But, what makes email the preferred method for marketing professionals? Here are a few of the reasons:


There are very few marketing methods out there that can match email for affordability. It also has the benefit of getting cheaper the more emails you send. This makes it easy to see a return on investment.


With email marketing, you can easily send messages that refer to your customers by name. You can recommend products and services that you think they may like, and even wish them a happy birthday. This enables you to build a one-on-one relationship with your customers.


Email offers a truly multi-media marketing system. You can send your subscribers text, images, video, links, animations and many more things. With such flexibility, you can always keep your customers interested in your marketing messages.