MoneyLast week, Salesforce released their 2016 State of Marketing Report, and the results show that email marketing, along with other forms of digital marketing, is going from strength to strength.

For the report, Salesforce surveyed around 4,000 marketing professionals from around the world. Of those who use email marketing, 80% said that it achieved a return on investment for their business, with almost 40% saying that ROI was ‘significant’. Only 1% said that email marketing didn’t generate ROI for them.

This results show a significant increase on last year. In 2015’s report, only around half of marketers said that email marketing generated a return on investment for them, with only around 20% seeing a significant ROI. This shows that new technologies and techniques, such as more advanced personalisation systems, are having a considerably positive effect on the performance of email marketing.

It’s not just email marketing that is having a positive effect on ROI. 75% of the marketers surveyed said that social media marketing was effective at generating a return on investment for them. This is a 166% increase on last years report. The marketers surveyed said that Facebook was the most effective channel for generating ROI, closely followed by Twitter and YouTube.

With these results, it’s no surprise that almost all the marketers surveyed (97%) plan to maintain, or further increase, their level of spending on digital marketing over the next 2 years.

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