Email marketing newsA recent study has shown that marketers are most satisfied with the results they see from email marketing. According to research, it beats social media marketing, mobile marketing and even search marketing when it comes to producing results for businesses leveraging technology in order to promote their brand.

Forrester Research conducted the study and surveyed 395 marketers in the UK, United States and Canada. As a result, they found that 68% of marketers were satisfied with the results from their email marketing campaigns.

Interestingly, and by comparison, Twitter conducted a similar study recently. The 140 character social media service, which has recently been floated on the New York Stock Exchange, discovered that just 55% of the marketers who use their service to advertise products and services are satisfied with the results.

Similarly, Facebook found that only 60% of its business users are satisfied with the return on their investment into social media marketing.

Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst, Nate Elliot, believes that email marketing offers truly profitable monetisation schemes which typically produce far quicker results than social media marketing. “Twitter’s only been accepting ad buys for about two years, and it’s still looking to tailor its ad units and model,” said Elliot. “This isn’t a place yet where people are sinking billions of dollars… most marketers feel like they’ve been burned out by Facebook.”


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