emails-laptopAn investigation has found that many of the UK’s top businesses are running email marketing campaigns that contain fundamental errors.

The study, conducted by Practicology, analysed the email marketing campaigns of 100 of the UK’s best know retailers, including Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Mothercare. After signing up for email communication, Practicology found that 91 required no account registration, and only 67 sent a welcome email. Perhaps most shockingly, 15 of the businesses never contacted them again.

Despite the massive rise in people reading emails on their smartphones, only 48% of businesses used responsive design for their email marketing campaigns. Certain retailers, including Argos, Lakeland and Sports Direct, had responsive website but still failed to design mobile-friendly websites.

The study took place over a 6 month period, over which time a number of major holidays occurred, including Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Despite this, less than half of the companies (47%) acknowledged even one of these events. This shows how many businesses are missing out on major marketing opportunities.

This study highlights how even major businesses are failing their customers when it comes to email marketing. By making some simple changes, such as utilising responsive design and sending welcome emails, UK business will be able to better meet their customers’ needs, forming nurturing relationships that lead to repeat business.

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