Last month officially saw the release of the much-anticipated Apple Watch, the tech giant’s first wearable device. Although we have yet to see any official sales figures for the watch, experts have estimated that 22 million units will ship in 2015 alone. If these figures are correct, then the Apple Watch has the potential to change the way people send and consume email, and email marketing strategies will have to be completely rethought.

Apple Watch

Here are just some of the things email marketers will have to consider when it comes to the Apple Watch:

Plain Text is Relevant Again

On the Apple Watch, emails are displayed in their plain text format; a format which, previously, seemed to be dying out. This means that there will always have to be a plain text version of your marketing emails.

If emails don’t have a plain text version, the following message will be displayed: “The full version of this message isn’t available on Apple Watch. But you can read it on your iPhone.” The effort of having to use a second device to read an email could be enough to motivate some subscribers to reach for the delete button.

Beware of Remote Images

Remote or linked images are also unable to be displayed correctly on the Apple Watch. The plain text version is displayed instead, after the following message: “This message contains elements Apple Watch can’t display. You can read a text version below.” Embedded images are also not displayed correctly on the device. The only solution will be to test a number of different email variations to see which Apple Watch users most respond to.

Links Don’t Work

There is, currently, no web browser on the Apple Watch and, as emails are displayed in plain text, links cannot work. As a solution to this, marketers should remove links from the plain text version of their emails, instead focusing on strong body copy and an effective call to action.