Email marketing in 2014This week’s storms have certainly confirmed summer is all but a distant memory, and the impending festive season indicates 2013 is but a couple of months away from ending. So, looking forward, what can we expect from email marketing in 2014?

Well, the good news is that email marketing is still thriving. Speak to most marketing professionals and they’ll agree that it is possibly the most wide-spread and cost effective marketing tool available. With billions of email addresses registered, it is no wonder that it is a medium which is relied upon more than ever to communicated brand values and sell products and services. In the US alone, 93% of email address owners receive a minimum of one email with their consent every day.

Ninety-one percent of consumers check their email at least once a day and 75% of social media users believe that email is the best way to engage with businesses. That last stat alone proves that integrating email marketing with the likes of Facebook and Twitter will be a key trend throughout next year.

Mobile will also play an even bigger role in email marketing during 2014. There is no doubt that the rapid development of mobile technologies has breathed fresh air into the world of email marketing. Studies by Litmus have found that 66% of all Gmail opens occur on smartphones or tablets. In fact, 48% of all sent emails end up being consumed on mobile devices.

To succeed in mobile and make the most of those small (and not so small) screens, it will be more important than ever to gear email design towards mobile. Mobile-first is becoming a common mantra amongst marketers and that is only likely to increase next year.


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