Email marketing is the most effective driving strategy for online shopping, and is over six times more effective than social media, a new study has found.


According to the research, conducted by shopping and price comparison website Give As You Live, 64% of people surveyed would click on a link in an email from a retailer. On the other hand, just 10% of respondents said that they would click a link in a social media post.

The study, conducted in November 2014, surveyed 4,234 UK shoppers. The majority of them said they were most tempted by fashion websites (42%), followed by travel websites (28%) and DVD and gaming websites (25%).

Speaking about the study, head of consumer insights at Give As You Live, Steff Lewis, said, “We’re surprised to see that direct email marketing is the most distracting to consumers over social media posts and advertisements, given the amount of marketing emails we all receive day-to-day and the dominance of social media particularly in our everyday lives. But it’s at least good news for marketers and communications teams running these websites.”

While the effectiveness of email marketing shows no sign of waning, it would seem that pop-up ads have had their day. The survey found that they were the least popular method of triggering online shopping, with only 7% of shoppers saying they would click on one while browsing the Internet.

This study highlights the continued efficacy of email marketing, showing that it’s the communication method that can consistently most engage with customers.

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