October email marketing newsOctober was one of the busiest email marketing months for quite some time. October is seen as the ‘crossover’ month by email marketers, as it includes Halloween, autumn promotions, Christmas seasons kickoffs and, across the pond, Thanksgiving.

As a result, October is also a month when people start to struggle with bulging inboxes, so, as exciting a month as it can be for those conducting email campaigns, being noticed is becoming harder than ever.

Some of the most interesting stats do indeed come from the US. They closely monitor email activity and the results are often incredibly interesting. According to experts, Monday 14th (Columbus Day) was the busiest in terms of email marketing with Saturday 5th being the slowest. That said, 28% of retailers emailed on the latter, which is still someway ahead of the norm. Thursdays appeared to be the most popular day for marketers to send out their messages, boosted particularly with events such as Halloween falling on that particular day of the week.

Email traffic was certainly busier in October, but the average number messages sent per retailer also increased with the most active sender jumping from 75 to 84 emails last month.

The longest subject line in October was 242 characters, which is perhaps the most startling statistic from October. However, many retailers chose to use the word ‘shop’ in their subjects and the phrase ‘free shipping’ continues to dominate.


Image courtesy of lobster20 / freedigitalphotos.net