EmailEmail marketing is renowned for offering an unparalleled return on investment, and statistics regularly show that it is the preferred marketing channel for customers. However, according to a report by Venture Beat, certain elements of email marketing could be in decline.

The report shows that, in recent years, there has been a decline in email click rates. People are receiving more emails than ever so, when they receive something that is dull or irrelevant to them, customers aren’t hesitating to reach for the unsubscribe button.

So, how can marketers counteract this trend in declining click rates? The answer could lie with email personalisation. The Venture Beat report, which surveyed 257 email marketers, found that the vast majority of them saw an improvement in their open and click through rates when some form of personalisation was used in their emails.

Personalisation in emails could also have a direct effect on revenue, as well as open and click through rates. A study by RichRelevance has found that the average click through rate is 2.5 times higher when personalisation is used in emails, and revenue is, on average, 5.7 times higher.

While certain elements of email marketing may be in decline, these results clearly show that personalisation is the key to its future success.

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