iOS7 and mobile emailIn September, Apple launched the eagerly-awaited update to its mobile operating system which powers millions of iPhones, iPads and iPods throughout the world – iOS7. Unsurprisingly, the public had Apple’s servers bursting at the seams with requests to upgrade.

Proving just as popular, is email, which has been a key indicator for the adoption of the new operating system.

Email open rates since the launch of iOS7 on 18th September suggested that over 50% of messages opened on Apple’s mobile platform took place on the seventh iteration. In fact, just twenty-four hours after the launch, iOS7 accounted for 31.3% of all email opens. On its third day of life on mobile devices, it had reached a staggering 52%.

Experts believe the huge jump in mobile email opens on iOS7 can likely be linked to the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C models, which will undoubtedly have sparked a fairly hefty clamour for mobile email usage as people unwrapped and got stuck into their new toys.

iOS7 mobile email clientiOS7 has also made great strides to improve mobile email deliverability and management, with a serious overhaul of the mail client included in the upgrade. Most notably, users can now easily swipe mails and assign them as junk – a process which was more convoluted in iOS6. The app is, overall, a far more pleasant experience to use and it seems that Apple have been paying close attention to the competition from Gmail and smaller, independent developers. It is also living proof that easier and more satisfying control is being granted to users when receiving, viewing and trashing emails on the move.