Email spamProving that competition for marketshare can be put to one side for the good of the user, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL recently united to discuss spam, email philosophy and sending practices at a meeting organised by the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (or M3AAWG, for short).

M3AAWG focuses on issues including messaging and DNS abuse and takes a global look at the challenges email faces.

The Q&A session at which the aforementioned service providers attended uncovered that, while they were all committed to tackling spam, it still represents a serious issue. Summing up the extent of the challenge, representatives from Outlook explained that spam filtering has reached the stage where ISPs are being blocked if there is an issue.

Gmail took a more pragmatic approach, suggesting that the key to tackling spam and to avoid being unfairly marked as so is list hygiene. Implied opt-in systems, they said, will only result in spam reports. ‘Deliverability just works’ when ethically building subscriber lists, said the representative.

Yahoo! targeted service advisors, saying that they needed to live by their words; if email addresses aren’t properly verified and if senders produce content their audience wants, unfair spam complaints simply won’t take place.

Lastly, AOL highlighted the importance of testing and, when deliverability issues arise, analysing changes made to campaigns to see what could be the route cause.


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