Google+Back in November, Google announced the latest update for their social network, Google+. It’s hoped, by the company, that this redesign will breath some new life into the struggling social network.

What’s Changed?

This redesign hasn’t seen Google add many new features to their social network. Instead they have shifted focus to some of the most successful features of Google+.

The redesign gives Communities and Collections prominence on the site; two areas where Google is┬áseeing rapid growth. These features can be easily accessed by two large buttons on both the Google+ website and on its mobile apps. The social network’s design has also been made more cohesive, so users get a similar experience, whatever device they access it on.

This shift in focus means that some of Google+’s features now have less prominence on the site. Circles have become less accessible, although the feature can still be used to organise friends and connections. Google have also cut many of the features within Profiles, with users no longer able to link to other social profiles and websites.

What Do These Changes Mean?

Google hopes that these changes will spark more activity and encourage discussion across Google+. If this happens, Google+ could become another major player in the social networking world. The increased focus on Communities could give brands and marketers a place where they can spark discussion about the products and services they offer with a core group of dedicated and engaged customers. When used alongside Collections (a way of organising content similar to Pinterest), Google+’s redesign could give brands a much more varied and well-rounded showcase than Facebook or Twitter offer.