Christmas emailWe’re nearly there. Christmas day is on Wednesday. Think your email marketing efforts are over for another year? Think again!

If you work in retail, you might be interested in the following tips we’ve pooled together from email marketing experts. They all relate to making sure the email you send on the 25th December is read and engaged with!

  1. People receive gift cards on Christmas day. Unfortunately, they’re often forgotten about – experts believe unclaimed gift vouchers run into the billions each year in value, globally. A timely email from you could remind recipients to spend that gift voucher straight away!
  2. Time your email well. By around 4-5PM, most people have eaten, drunk and socialised themselves into oblivion and will likely hit the nearest internet-enabled device for some respite. They might even check their emails. Yours could arrive just on time.
  3. If you sell vouchers, Christmas morning could actually be quite a busy trading period for you. There’s millions of last minute shoppers out there. When they realise they’ve forgotten Uncle Bob, your timely email could give them the answer they need.
  4. Apple boss, Tim Cook, reckons it’s going to be an ‘iPad Christmas’. While not everyone will find an Apple device under the tree, there will clearly be tablets of all kinds being opened. Firstly, make sure your email is responsive in its design and then schedule a send for Christmas day. Your email might be the first they open on their new toy and they’re unlikely to forget it.


Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /