FacebookAs of 1st May 2016, Facebook has completely ended its email address service. Facebook officially discontinued it’s email service in early 2014 but, since then, they have continued to forward any ‘@Facebook.com’ emails to their user’s primary email address.

However, Facebook email users have now been informed that the social network would be putting an end to its email forwarding service. In a message to its users, Facebook said that email addresses should be updated on any services that currently send to their ‘@Facebook.com’ account.

Facebook launched its email service in 2010 and, at the time, it was touted as a ‘Gmail killer’. It formed part of Facebook’s ‘social inbox’, allowing users to combine all forms of communication (SMS, chat, email and Messages) into one tab. However, Facebook’s email service didn’t catch on, and it even caused confusion when, in 2012, the social network promoted users’ ‘@Facebook.com’ email address over the one they had originally registered with.

What does this change mean for email marketers? Although ‘@Facebook.com’ email addresses were not widely used, you may still have some subscribers that use them. It’s recommended that you contact all your ‘@Facebook.com’ subscribers, asking them to update their email address with you. This will help prevent bounce backs, which could damage your sender reputation.

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at FreeDigitalPhotos.net