facebook-390860_640Facebook’s latest quarterly results have revealed how powerful mobile advertising is. The results, published at the end of September, showed that mobile accounted for 78% of its advertising revenue. This equates to $10billion in sales. Back in 2014, mobile advertising revenue stood at just just 66%.

These figures are indicative of the rate in which mobile advertising is growing, with more and more brands realising its potential. The results have been attributed to an increasing number of people now accessing their social media accounts on their mobile phone. Research by mobile marketing company Zumobi found that there was a 103% growth in mobile social use between 2013 and 2015, and they predict that this will grow exponentially in the next year.

Despite these results, brands need to avoid rushing to adopt a mobile advertising strategy. The way in which brands advertise on mobile devices is set to change in the next year and beyond. Recent studies have found that the majority of consumers prefer their mobile advertising to contain custom content based on their interests and preferences. Irrelevant pop-up and banner advertising will rapidly lose its power, with many users choosing to install ad blockers on their mobile devices. Mobile network EE also announced this week that they are developing tools that will allow users to control the amount of advertising they see online. This is in the wake of concerns over increasingly intrusive practices.

As Facebook’s figures have shown, mobile advertising can be an incredibly powerful tool. Brands just need to ensure that the adversing they offer is non-intrusive and of value to the consumer.