Email statsFebruary’s email statistics are in, and, as ever, they make rather interesting reading.

The market share for webmail and mobile email providers continues to change at pace and, as has been the case for several months, Gmail has been leading the charge in affecting the statistics most prominently.

In the month of February, mobile opens dropped a further percentage point to 48% – a level they’ve not been at since October last year.

However, there was an increase in webmail opens last month. Potentially due to the fact that Gmail now automatically displays images, webmail has enjoyed a continuing rise in the number of opens and currently sits at 25% of all opens, which is its highest tally since March 2013. Desktop opens remain steady at 27%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, iPhones still retain the top spot in mobile email usage, holding 25% of all opens (an increase of 1%). Similarly, iPad opens have remained steady at 12%, but Android has uncharacteristically fallen to the forth most popular platform with just 9% of opens registered.

Gmail’s rise is simply meteoric, though. Since November 2013, its market share of email opens on Google’s service has increased by a staggering 281% and now represents 10% of all opens. Although experts believe this may start to level off, its clear that Gmail’s continued development of their platform is proving popular with users.


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