Email marketingAccording to one leading marketing expert, click-throughs and forwards could be a far more important metric for email marketing than open statistics.

Matthew Montoya explained in a recent interview that open rates simply can’t always be relied upon to indicate how successful email campaigns are. Instead, Montoya believes clicks and forwards should be focussed on in order to ascertain the success of a campaign.

He did, however, note that open rates are quite often heralded as the most important statistic simply due to the fact that they usually provide the biggest numbers when reviewing email campaigns.

Speaking on the importance of forwards, in particular, Montoya explained that “Anyone who forwards your email is telling you that they believe in your business or organisation and find you interesting.” He continued, “With a list of passionate or valued customers/members, you can send unique offers and elicit them for special feedback.”

He certainly has a point. When people forward your email, it shows they trust you enough to pass your details onto their friends of family. No one forwards spam! As a result, your brand name is given further airing and with little to no effort on your part. Additionally, further sign-ups could be gained and, more importantly, more sales earned.

As for click-throughs, the more of these the better, quite simple. When people click links within your email, it shows they have most likely read the content – or at least noted the most important parts – and have decided they need to act upon it. That is the very response you’ll be looking for with every email you send.

So, next time you review the success of your email campaigns, take a leaf out of Matthew Montoya’s book and look beyond the open rates.


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