GmailGmail is regularly in the news. Thankfully, it’s often for good reason, and they’ve recently been banging their gong harder than ever in an effort to extoll the virtues of their service and what appears to be almost unrivalled down-time statistics.

According to news sources, Gmail was available to its sizeable user base for 99.978% of the time during 2013. That equates to roughly two hours of downtime during the entire twelve months.

They’re not quite happy with that, though. Because it is a shave off 100%, the web giant believes it still has plenty of work to do. An engineering lead at the firm has claimed they want to ensure Gmail users’ inboxes are ‘always available’ to them.

Not resting on its laurels, Google has also announced a renewed focus on ensuring both the reliability and security of its webmail service is at the top of its game during 2014. This announcement came at the same time as its boast regarding the minimal downtime experienced last year.

Messages sent via email, both internally and externally, will soon be fully encrypted via the industry-standard HTTPS protocol. The encryption will take place both during the email’s journey to its recipient and also the point at which it is viewed by the user.

A spokesman from Google has made their intentions for Gmail this year clear: “Your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us. As you go about your day reading, writing and checking messages, there are tons of security measures running behind the scenes to keep your email safe, secure and there whenever you need it.”