GmailThe recent Q&A sessions held by the M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) in San Francisco saw some of the biggest email service providers come together to discuss spam and email best practices.

During the event, representatives from Gmail held a session about best practices and gave away some interesting tidbits about their service:

  • Authentication is an important marker for good deliverability
  • The filters employed by Gmail are intentionally aggressive
  • Gmail spends a large percentage of its time filtering emails in order to ensure the user has the best inbox experience possible
  • More than any other ISP, Gmail uses per-user filtering for messages


They also offered 6 tips for anyone (that’s all of us) wishing to ensure their emails are delivered correctly to subscriber inboxes:

  1. Authenticate your mail (once adoption gets high enough, Gmail will likely dump unauthenticated email).
  2. Maintain a good list hygiene strategy and remove dead addresses or non-subscribers.
  3. Don’t use public URL shorteners – ever.
  4. Ensure HTML is well-formatted.
  5. Comply with RFC 2822 / 5322
  6. Use a solid opt-in process and double it, if possible.


During their time in the spotlight, Gmail also announced the arrival of the new unsubscribe link, which is due to start appearing in the header of promotional emails, allowing users to quickly and cleanly unsubscribe from mailings.