PadlockThere has been much in the news lately about Internet (and particularly email) security, mostly centred around the recent legal battle between Apple and the FBI. While the debate around this case continues, Google have taken steps to make the Internet more secure for its users.

In a recent post on the Google Security blog, the Internet giant announced that they have improved the security of their Gmail platform. They will now provide their users with more information about what is happening with their email accounts.

One new feature that Google have added is a full page warning that will alert users if their account has been targeted by the government. Google previously warned users about a possible state-sponsored hacking with a bar at the top of the Gmail website. The new full page warning will offer Gmail users more detail if there is a possibility that the government is targeting their account. They will recommend that users who receive this warning enable two-factor authentication and set up a security key for any Gmail accounts they may have.

As well as the new warning, Google have also improved the security of their Safe Browsing feature in Gmail. Users will now receive a full page warning when they click links in their emails, giving them the opportunity to back out from accessing a potentially malicious website.