Google have introduced an undo send feature for their Gmail users. The feature will allow users to ‘cancel’ email that have been sent by mistake, with them able to select delay options of between 5 and 30 seconds.


The feature has been in beta mode for many years, available only to those who had enrolled in Gmail’s ‘experimental labs’ programme, but was last month rolled out to all Gmail users. The feature is disabled by default, with users having to enable it in Gmail’s settings.

The arrival of this feature will likely be welcomed by Gmail’s 900 million worldwide users. However, it currently only works for emails sent from Gmail’s full website. If the 75% of Gmail users who access their accounts from mobile devices want to use the feature, they will have to install Gmail’s ‘Inbox’ app, rather than use the dedicated Gmail app or the mobile website.

Experimental Labs, where the Undo Send feature started life, is home to what Google describes as “crazy experimental stuff … a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime”. Labs users currently have the option to create ‘canned responses’ to common emails, and can use an ‘auto advance’ feature, where they are taken to the next message immediately after deleting or archiving one. However, there’s no guarantee that any of these features will be rolled out to all Gmail users.

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