Gmail emailEarlier this year, Google announced that it would start pre-processing images in emails received via its Gmail webmail service. The move was applauded by users and email marketers alike.

It seems the tech giant isn’t finished yet, though. They’ve made some further changes to their iOS app, which aim to make images within emails even less of a concern.

The updated app now ‘pre-fetches’ emails using background loading, which means users don’t have to wait quite so long for images to appear in their emails. Before the update, users would have to wait a little while – depending on signal strength – in order for the email to load fully and display the images contained within. The reason for this was that the emails would only begin the process of loading when opened – a process which would have to start from the beginning each time a message was selected.

By using iOS 7’s background processing service, the new Gmail app is able to load messages fully as soon as they are delivered, and without interrupting the user. So, signal strength becomes less of a factor and most emails will have downloaded before the recipient is even aware of them.

The feature won’t turn on automatically, as there are a number of settings which must be switched on in order for it to work. Google has explained more in a recent blog post: “This feature requires iOS 7, and you’ll also need to turn on background app refresh and notifications (badge or any other type) for the Gmail app.”