Google have launched a service in the UK which lets Gmail users send money to friends and family via email.


Although it was launched in the US back in 2013, the service has only been active on these shores for a few weeks. The new feature is powered by Google Wallet, the company’s free mobile payment system that allows users to store credit, debit and loyalty card information on their device. The service is open to all Gmail users over the age of 18.

Users can send money to their friends and family in a similar way to how they would send an email attachment. Using Gmail, Google account holders can transfer money from one ‘wallet’ to another by hovering over the attachment paper clip and clicking the ‘£’ icon. They they simply enter the amount they wish to transfer and press ‘send’. Although recipients don’t need to be Gmail users, they will need to open a Google Wallet account in order to receive money. The service can also be used to request money.

Once cash has been deposited in a Google Wallet, it can then be transferred to the users bank account, spent on the Google Play store, or simply kept for future money transfers. Speaking about the new service, Travis Green, product manager for Google Wallet, said, “Paying back your friends has never been so simple, whether you’re chipping in for lunch or reimbursing your housemate for your share of the rent.”