As you likely already know, last month, Apple added two new iPhones to their range; the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While the phones themselves are unlikely to have a major impact on the world of Internet marketing, but one thing that could is Apple Pay.


Apple Pay is the company’s first venture into the world of NFC (Near Field Communications). Theoretically, Apple Pay removes the need for physical credit and debit cards. Once cards are ‘scanned’ into the phone, users can simply hover their device on an NFC reader at a checkout, and the payment is completed. Apple Pay also allows users to make ‘one-click’ purchases within compatible mobile apps. But, how can this technology help online marketers?

More Mobile App Downloads

Currently, retailers’ mobile apps are not offering anything particularly revolutionary. Many of them offer little more than a ‘souped-up’ version of their mobile website. However, Apple Pay could make retailers’ mobile apps genuinely useful. Being able to purchase items with one click will drastically speed up the (currently quite fiddly) mobile shopping experience. Personalised offers and deals can also be ‘pushed’ to customers’ devices, which they will be able to purchase straight away.

Improved Location-Based Marketing

As well as assisting customers with their online shopping, Apple Pay could also help customers when they are in store. The NFC technology could be used to alert customers to interesting offers, deals or new product launches as soon as they enter a store. Potentially, notifications could even tell customers where they can find these offers in the store. All of which works to help customers find the deals best suited to them and, hopefully, increase in-store sales.

We will see how Apple Pay changes the world of online marketing when it is launched in the US later this month.