ID-100106847Last month, Movable Ink released their US device consumer preference report, the findings of which were based on the analysis of over 6 billion emails throughout 2015.

The report showed that desktop email is becoming less and less relevant. Last year, only 32% of emails were opened on desktop computers. But, while desktop email might be waning, mobile email would seem to be going from strength to strength. 68% of all emails analysed were opened on mobile devices, up from 65% in 2014. Of that 68%, 16% of emails were opened on a tablet. These results show that smartphones seem to be the preferred devices for consuming email.

The results of the report seemed to show that it’s owners of iOS devices who prefer to read emails on their smartphones. Although Android mobiles and tablets account for 53% of US mobile device ownership, the report found that only 11% of email opens happened on these devices. In comparison, 56% of email opens happened on iOS devices.

Despite the huge amount of email opens on mobile devices, the majority of conversions (53%) still take place on a desktop computer.

The results of this confirm the advice given to marketers these days. When preparing marketing emails, you must make sure that they are suitable to be viewed on a smartphone, as this is the device your emails are most likely to be opened on.

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