Research conducted by Listrak has found that the majority of email and Internet users appreciate personalised content.

Although personlisation in email marketing is relatively new, and still hasn’t reached its full potential, it’s something that users certainly seem to respond to. Of the US Internet users who took part in the study, 72% said they open and read promotional emails from retailers. The majority of those people (more than 60%) said they find some form of personalisation useful.

People seem to expect more than just a simple personalised subject line though. A massive of 80% of readers of promotional emails said they found it most useful when retailers recommend products based on items they had already purchased.

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A high percentage of users (71%) also liked it when retaillers recommended products based on what they had viewed online but not purchased. This is something that can be mutually beneficial for both retailer and user: they get a useful recommendation and you, potentially, get another sale.

The email users surveyed also seemed to respond to personalisation when surfing the Internet. Although not as popular as email personalisation, the majority of those surveyed found web personlisation useful. 69% liked online ads that featured images of products they had previously looked at, and 67% appreciated it when a retailler recommended products on the page of its website while they are shopping.

These figures prove what many email marketers have known for a long time: personalising your email (and web) content can help you engage customers and, potentially, increase your ROI.