Gmail now auto-loads imagesIf there’s one thing which has been a source of irritation for both email recipients and those using it for marketing purposes, it is the inability of email clients to automatically display images.

Typically, if you’re using a program such as Microsoft Outlook, you have to right-click and choose ‘Show images’ before they appear. Many email marketing applications rely on the images being loaded in order to track opens. As a result, the recipients who fail to load the images yet happily read and engage with the rest of the message are going by unnoticed. What’s more, emails with red crosses rather than beautiful imagery don’t look particularly inviting. Or trustworthy.

Step forward email geniuses Google, who have recently made a rather important change to their popular email service, Gmail.

As they mentioned in a recent blog post, the reason images are usually hidden is because of security and in order to protect users from malicious senders who are trying to use images to compromise computer security.

Happily, they’ve discovered a way around this, by instead serving the images through their own servers. This means Gmail users will soon start to see images within emails automatically across all desktop, iOS and Android devices. As a result, there’s no need for the user to initiate the loading of images, security is far tighter and emails look exactly as they should, straight away.

This is fantastic news for email marketers and it is likely we’ll see Gmail’s competitors follow suit in the not-too-distant future.