Business SpendAccording to the Selligent and StrongView 2016 Marketing Trends Survey, the majority of marketers (60%) will increase investment in email in 2016. Email marketing, seen by some as an old fashioned marketing method, beat social media and display marketing into second and third place respectively. The fewest (52%) said that they were going to increase spending on mobile advertising.

The survey, in which 295 marketers were questioned, also found that more than half of them (56%) were planning to increase their entire marketing budgets this year. This is about the same amount who planned to increase marketing budgets in 2015.

Along with increasing spend on email this year, the majority of marketers also seem to want to improve customer relationships along with the efficacy of the email marketing efforts. 34% of those surveyed said that their email marketing priority was to improve customer engagement. This is more than double the next highest response: just 14% of the marketers said that improving segmentation and targeting was their priority.

Although fewer of the marketers surveyed said that they wanted to increase spending on social media over email, social media focus has still increased over 2015’s figures. Last year, only 34% said that social media channel growth was a priority. This year, that figure has increased to 45%. This shows marketers’ desire to understand their customers on a deeper level, and provide them with well-rounded and engaging multi-channel marketing efforts.