Mobile email opensStatistics show that the month of January ushered in further changes to email client market share. Gmail now represents 10% of total opens, having jumped from number 6 to number 5 at the start of the year. The iPad has also clawed back some device share to overtake Android at number 3.

Perhaps the greatest change, however, was that of the much-heralded mobile email market share. Throughout November and December last year, mobile opens accounted for 51% of all email opens. In January, that figure dropped to 49%. Desktop, similarly, dropped to 27% of all opens. At the other end of the scale, webmail opens actually increased during the first month of 2014, rising to their highest level since April 2013 at 24%.

Gmail appears to be responsible for the sudden growth in webmail opens. This follows a dip after the introduction of the new ‘Tabs’ feature and it seems that the announcement regarding image preloading has helped it climb again.

Opens in Google’s venerable webmail client have actually increased by a colossal 243% since November. This has helped establish it as the leading webmail service provider, enjoying 40% of all webmail opens. By comparison, Yahoo! (which also loads images by default), only accounts for around 20% of opens.

Despite this, webmail is still in decline overall when it comes to usage terms, as it was for much of 2013. Recently reported issues regarding images in Gmail’s client is unlikely to help the webmail recession.


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