MondayA study of over 1.1 billion emails highlighted the importance of timing when it comes to email marketing, with Monday seemingly being the best day to launch a campaign.

The study, conducted by MailerMailer, analysed emails worldwide throughout 2014. They found that recipients view and read their emails most actively at the start of the working week.

At its highest point, open rates for Monday stood at 13.6 percent. The weekend saw the lowest open rates for emails, with only 10 percent being opened.

In another study, the time of day was also found to have an impact on open rates. Research by TrackMaven found that the majority of marketing emails were sent between 11am and 12pm on Thursday. However, they found that the most effective time to send them was between 2pm and 5pm on Thursday.

These findings have significant implication in the world of email marketing. As well as quality copy, design and subject lines, the day of the week (and time) it’s sent could also have a baring on the success of an email marketing campaign. This highlights the importance of regular testing, and is something that will have to be considered before embarking on a campaign.

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