Young and happy teenagers using digital tablet and smart phone outdoors.Nowadays, it’s widely thought that the younger generation are shunning email in favour of social media and instant messaging. However, a recent study by Adestra has found that email may not be as obsolete among millennials as was originally thought.

While most young people may prefer to use social media and instant messengers to communicate with their friends, when it comes to communicating with brands and companies, it would appear that email is the preferred choice.

For their Consumer Usage and Digital Adoption report, Adestra questioned millennials (teens and young people) about how they like to communicate with brands. Nearly 68% of teens and over 73% of people in their twenties said that email was their preferred communication method.

As well as it being the preferred method to communicate with brands, the study also found that millennials are using email more than many people originally realised. Around 75% of them have an email address, saying that it’s part of everyday life. Around half also like to check their emails before they’ve got out of bed in the morning, and around 80% say they check their emails all day long.

Younger people also like to sign up to receive emails from their favourite brands. While the majority (over 80%) say they sign up in order to receive discounts, more than 40% of those surveyed said that they sign up for emails just because they love the brand.

The results of this survey show, when it comes to email marketing, the younger generation can’t be ignored. Although they may not seem like the obvious demographic for email, it would appear that it still pays a significant role in the lives of teens and young adults.