A study, conducted by Adobe, has found that as many as 90% of people admit to checking their personal email while at work.

Checking Phone

During the study, Adobe monitored the email habits of a number of white collar workers. It found that the average worker spent over 6 hours of their workday checking emails, both personal and work related. 2 out of every 10 people admitted to checking their inboxes constantly.

The Adobe study found that millennials (people aged between 15 and 40) are particularly receptive to email in its various forms. Almost 90% of millennials use a smartphone to check their emails, so are therefore the group most likely to check their work emails outside of the office. Currently, only 7% of people check their emails on a smartwatch, but this is likely to increase in the future as more people adopt the technology. Millennials are also those most likely to check their emails in bed. 70% of them do this, compared to 52% of the general population.

These figures highlight the power of email marketing. Email offers a constant connection to the customer that no other marketing medium can provide. Patrick Tripp, senior product manager for Adobe Campaign, said, “Regardless of all the other channels that have arisen, like social and mobile, email in its various forms still inundates our culture.”