No SpamAccording to a study by security firm Symantec, the number of Spam emails being sent has reached the lowest point of the last 12 years.

Of the billions of emails monitored by Symantec, the study found that less than half of them (49.7%) are now being labelled as junk. This is the first time since 2003 that the number of Spam emails received has dipped below 50%.

Since the report, published earlier in the year, the number of Spam emails being sent has fallen further. The number dipped to 46.4% on 14th July.

The fall in Spam email has been attributed to the increase in legal action against botnets. A number of these networks of hijacked computers, typically the route through which Spam email is sent, have been subject to a takedown by UK police forces in the last year. Some European Internet providers have also joined forces to share information about botnets, potentially reducing their effectiveness.

However, this reduction in Spam email doesn’t equate to a rise in Internet safety. Unfortunately, the amount of malware being produced has risen significantly. In June 2015, Symantec reported that they had caught 57.6 million pieces of malware; double that of the previous month.

The results of the report suggest that, as Spam email loses its effectiveness, attackers will simply move on to other forms of malicious Internet activity.

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