O2 logoAs a piece of email-related news, it’s pretty significant, yet it went by almost without notice. On the 10th March, mobile network provider O2 turned off their free email service, encouraging users to instead use alternative clients such as Hotmail or Gmail.

It seems the key reason for the cancellation of the service is, as O2 themselves have conceded, a relatively small user base. Still, it will leave a few people somewhat in the lurch.

But what does it mean for email marketers? There’s a good chance you’ll have some O2 addresses sitting in your contact lists. We think there’s 4 things you need to do:

  1. Get segmenting. Create a separate list containing all of the addresses ending in ‘o2.co.uk’. No need to delete them yet – just ensure they are not included in your email campaigns.
  2. Hopefully, you’ll have alternative contact details for these people (phone, social network, mail, etc) – get in touch and ask for an up-to-date email address.
  3. Make sure your signup form is easy to use. Those people with O2 addresses are going to need to go through the process again, so it’s essential they can do so quickly and with ease.
  4. Remove the people who are no longer engaged. Analyse the open and click-through stats for those O2 addresses. Remove the ones who haven’t engaged with your emails for 12 months or more.