Mobile emailNew research has revealed that mobile now accounts for 51% of all email opens. In September and October, it stood at 48% and the three per cent rise means that email is now more likely to be opened on a mobile device than a desktop computer.

Webmail has dropped to just 18% of all opens while desktop has remained relatively steady at 31%. Indeed, it seems that, with the passing of each and every month, mobile usage continues to suggest that it will likely be pretty much the only way people receive and engage with email in the not too distant future. It is also fair to assume that the growth in tablet and smartphone usage is largely consumer driven.

Desktop opens, while fluctuating here and there, simple haven’t changed since last year. By comparison, mobile opens have increased by 24% in the same period and webmail has lost staggering ground by dropping 36%. Evidenced suggest that, while consumers and home users are more likely to pick up their mobile device in order to check their inboxes, business users are still more inclined to use the desktop PC in the office.

The fall webmail has seen in opens shouldn’t be too concerning, because it has become clear that users of clients such as Yahoo! and Gmail are accessing the services via their mobile devices. They’re also more likely to set up their webmail account in a desktop client such as Outlook but, surprise, surprise, the mobile version is more likely to be their first port of call. Just take a look at the stats:

  • 20% of webmail account holders access their email in a browser
  • 18% open their webmail in a desktop client
  • A HUGE 62% access their webmail on a mobile device

Mobile email continues to boom…


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