Email personalisationA recent report by Experian has discovered that personalised promotional emails drove revenue-per-email six times higher than their non-personalised counterparts in 2013.

The 2013 Email Marketing study also found that emails which have been personalised enjoy higher transaction rates. This is despite the majority of the companies surveyed collecting customer data, but only 30% doing anything meaningful with it.

According to Experian, personalised emails’ unique open rates are 29% higher and also see click-through rates which are a whopping 41% higher, proving that adding a little bit of a human touch to your email marketing campaigns can lift far more than just transaction rates. Those companies implementing triggered email campaigns (i.e. those sent automatically after a specific event takes place, such as a person adding their email address to a list) saw transaction rates double.

Another winner was e-receipts and confirmed opt-in emails, which both also enjoyed high response rates. Proving that ‘spray and pray’ is rarely a good tactic, such smaller batches of emails saw double open rates and a significant increase in revenue-per-email over bulk emails in 2013. It should be noted, however, that e-receipts failed to win the unique click war.

The study unearthed a few more interesting email facts from last year. Ninety-six percent of marketers used the headers and footers of their emails to promote their companies’ social media profiles, with Instagram and Pinterest being particularly popular when it comes to social media use in promotions.

On the mobile front, Experian discovered that, along with the majority of opens occurring on mobile devices towards the close of 2013, 39% of unique clicks also took place on mobile devices. This is despite 24% of the companies surveyed failing to ensure their email campaigns are ready for mobile.


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