Last month saw the launch of Facebook’s Product Ads; a new format for advertising on the site that aims to make it easier for brands to showcase individual products in their range.

Facebook Product Ads
Product Ads have been in the testing stage for a while but, after positive feedback from users, Facebook last month decided to roll out Product Ads to everyone. While, at first look, they may seem similar to standard Facebook advertisements, Product Ads do offer a number of benefits that make them a useful tool for marketers:

Targeted Advertising

Products Ads put advertisements right in front of interested customers. When a potential customer browses your websites, the products they have been looking at can then show up on their Facebook news feed. This type of advertising will keep your company and the forefront of the customer’s mind, even when they are no longer looking at your site. It also helps to ensure that you are only targeting them with products they are interested in.

Showcase Entire Product Range

Like I touched on before, with Product Ads, you don’t need to guess which of your products your potential customers may be interested in. You can upload your entire product catalogue, then Facebook will create appropriate ads for you. Facebook will then select the best target audience for your ads, removing the guesswork from advertising and focusing on your most receptive customers.

Multiple Products Per Ad

As the image above illustrates, Product Ads can be used to showcase several products; up to three per ad, each with its own image, description and link. On a mobile device, users will be able to swipe through the images, then tap them to be taken to the advertiser’s website. This will enable you to give potential customers a better idea of the scope of your product range.