Successful email marketingIt is all too easy for email marketing messages to be interpreted as spam but, as one industry commentator recently pointed out, that usually only happens if they are done badly.

Will Skinner, of, highlighted the uncomfortable and often unfair connotation email has of being linked to spam messages. However, he pointed out that this should in no way put businesses off using email as a primary marketing tool but rather encouraged them to use it properly.

Skinner cited relationships as an imperative part of successful email marketing. In order to stop messages being reported as spam, businesses should only send them to recipients with whom they have established a positive relationship, he suggests. They may be existing customers or people who have signed up for product updates – such people will be expecting emails and, as a result, there should be no misunderstanding when they drop into their inboxes.

Offering something of real value is a staple of good email marketing and Skinner appears to be a big advocate of this. Get this right, he said, and businesses should help secure click-throughs and opens for many years to come. This is because brand messages begin to become associated with worth and quality by those on the receiving end.

“The easiest way to avoid being seen as a spammer is to pump out niche related content that solves problems, provides value and is interesting to read or watch,” says Skinner.¬†“Once you gain the trust of an internet user you will have them coming back for more right away. As they are quick to throw information away, they are just as quick to latch on to someone providing the information they need in a quality manner.”


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