Email statisticsWe love a stat or two at mailingmanager and nowhere can you find greater number nirvana than when it comes to email. And, in particular, email client share.

There are so many to choose from these days. Whether it be a traditional desktop client such as Outlook, a mobile variant like iOS Mail or a web-based service like Gmail, they all produce some pretty fascinating statistics.

Let’s look at a few we’ve learned this year:

  • Mobile now reigns supreme when it comes to email opens. 51% of all emails opened are viewed on a smartphone or tablet
  • A whopping sixty-eight percent of Yahoo! and Gmail opens now take place on mobile devices
  • Gmail’s market share dipped by just over 2% following the introduction of their ‘tabbed’ inbox (which automatically files emails based on their perceived content). It now stands at around 3%. The cause of the drop may not be related to the tabbed inbox, but it’s another indication that marketers shouldn’t fear the ‘T’ word
  • Android has enjoyed a 100% year-on-year growth in its email market share
  • Android devices topped the iPad for email opens for the first time in November. Their share of the market is now 14%
  • iPhones account for 25% of all emails opened
  • Desktop email clients now account for 31% of all emails opened globally
  • Just 18% of email are opened on webmail clients such as Yahoo!
  • The iOS Mail app is the email client of choice for Gmail users

So, the tendency leans towards mobile. That’s clear. We have no doubt that 2014 will provide the stat-hungry amongst us with yet more dizzying numbers!


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