Email statisticsAs a new year dawns, it is customary to seek inspiration for the next twelve months’ email campaigns by looking back at some key statistics from last year. And, as years go, 2013 was a bumper one when it came to numbers.

The stats below have been taken from a variety of surveys.

Looking at a cross section of industries, the average results were as follows:

  • 21% open rate
  • 3% click-through rate
  • 0.47% unsubscription rate
  • 15% click-to-open rate
  • 2% unsubscribe-to-open rate

Looking at four key industries, the statistics are compelling:


Open rate: 38%

Click-through rate: 7%

Unsubscriptions: 0.2%


Open rate: 28%

Click-through rate: 5%

Unsubscriptions: 0.1%

Real estate

Open rate: 29%

Click-through rate: 6%

Unsubscriptions: 0.3%


Open rate: 25%

Click-through rate: 0.4%

As always, however, some of the most interesting statistics come from the world of mobile email. While over half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, it is thought that just 10% lead to clicks. That may be indicative of design flaws which will have to be ironed out this year if the mobile revolution is going to have a sizeable impact on email marketing return on investment.

Desktop, by comparison, enjoys a 27% click-through rate. Interestingly, charity organisations enjoy one of the highest open rates on desktop clients at 61%.


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