Email marketingAs if to remind us that ‘mobile first’ really is a mantra all email marketers should follow, recent studies have revealed that previous thoughts on the number of sales smartphones are responsible for were some way out – to the tune of three to one.

Call tracking software company, ResponseTap, believe this is down to one thing – follow-up calls. Their studies have shown that smartphone conversions can triple when follow-up phone calls are made after the initial marketing effort. That initial effort is, more often that not, an email.

More than 450,000 online and offline transactions were audited in order to draw this conclusion. It was discovered that 1.3% of smartphone browsing sessions resulted in a purchase. Thus, getting people to mobile-ready landing pages from mobile-ready emails has never been more important.

In a recent interview, ResponseTap boss Ross Fabian explained that the statistics his company have unearthed are likely to make marketers think carefully about where to put their marketing budgets.”We know that customers often want to speak to a real person before a purchase, but it’s now clear that this is particularly the case when someone is checking you out on a smartphone,” said Fabian.  “It also shows far more shoppers begin their purchase journey on a smartphone than previously thought. Investing a higher proportion of marketing spend to attract their attentions at that point will make sense for many brands. The study indicated that shoppers were more likely to fully complete transactions online if using a desktop computer or a tablet than a smartphone.”

We already know that 90% of smartphone users access the same email message on mobile and desktop clients, but it is now clear that the journey often starts of the former. With Christmas around the corner, readying emails for mobile consumption and ensuring a solid follow-up strategy will no doubt be at that foremost of marketers’ minds.


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