According to research by Gigya, 84% of UK adults aged 18-34 are comfortable sharing personal data with companies via social logins, providing they get something of value in return.

Social Login

The poll, which canvassed the views of 2000 UK adults, also found that it’s not only young people who are happy with social logins; 59% of all adults surveyed prefer to register or sign in to sites in this way. This means that brands can access their customers personal data via their social media pages, rather than customers having to enter all their information in manually.

The increasing popularity of social logins has benefits for both customers and business owners. Social logins greatly simplify the sign up/ sign in process for the customer. This is likely to increase user adoptions to your website. There is also research to suggest that, by adopting social logins, customers may spend more time on your site. According to Facebook, people who use the social login at The Huffington Post spend 8 minutes longer on the site than the average reader.

Social logins also allow you to create a more personalised experience for your customers. Rather than customers having to fill out long-winded registration forms, they can simply sign up with a few clicks. You can then pull their personal data from their social media pages (age, location, interests etc.). This will enable you to provide them with a bespoke experience (personalised content, push offers etc.), without your customers having to experience ‘registration fatigue’.

This research has highlighted the importance of using social logins on your website. They can boost business while greatly improving the customer experience.