Social media should play a role in any good Internet marketing campaign. But, up until now, it hasn’t been able to achieve the kind of results seen with email marketing. However, this could be set to change with the introduction of Twitter’s new ‘Buy’ button.

Twitter Buy

Currently being tested with a small number of US users, the ‘Buy’ button will enable users to purchase products directly from Tweets posted on the social networking site. Twitter had previously introduced a feature where users could send a message containing a special hashtag to add a product to their shopping basket on a retailers site. The ‘Buy’ button, however, aims to make the process more immediate. Tweets containing the ‘Buy’ button would be used to promote a particular product, and clicking the button would take the user straight to a page where they can enter their details. If the user has purchased from the retailer before, they could purchase the product with just two clicks.

The aim of the ‘Buy’ button is to generate more revenue for Twitter (their income currently comes from advertising). However, it could also be an excellent tool for marketers. It effectively removes one of the hurdles in getting people to make a purchase from your site: one click will take them directly to the purchase page of a product they’re interested in. It could also be a great tool for smaller companies who have yet to build a large ecommerce presence: their product will be literally place in the hands of millions of people.

Will the ‘Buy’ button change the way people shop online? That remains to be seen when the facility is rolled out further.