According to research by SendGrid, more people are opening emails of iOS devices that they ever have before. The study found that almost half of all UK emails (46%) are opened on iPhone, while 18% are opened on iPad.

Email iPhone

The research took place over two 10 day periods in 2013 and 2014. Over eight billion emails sent by 125,000 companies were monitored, revealing the extent to which mobile (particularly Apple devices) is now the favoured channel for email communication.

The research also found that the number of emails opened on Android devices had dropped markedly (by 31%). This seems to indicate that heavy email users prefer Apple’s devices.

Obviously, these statistics have a major impact on the world of email marketing. Whereas, in the past, emails were designed for desktop and laptop computers (with a mobile design almost being an afterthought), nowadays mobile has to take priority.

This is not necessarily a negative thing for email marketers. Prioritising your mobile design can encourage you to focus on what really matters. What elements of your marketing message do your customers really need to know about? Which images really add to the meaning of your message? By focusing on this, you will create more customer-friendly emails that may even lead to more conversions and more sales.