Last year saw Samsung introduce the Galaxy Gear into their popular range of smartphones and tablets. This so-called ‘smartwatch’ is designed to connect via Bluetooth to a Samsung smartphone, enabling users to make and answer calls, and receive messages from their wrist.

While similar wearable technology has been around for a while, smartwatches have yet to take off in a significant way. However, with rumours of an Apple ‘iWatch’ refusing to go away, this year could be the year we see smartwatches come into the mainstream. But, what does this mean for your email marketing campaigns?

The smartphone revolution has already encouraged most companies to make their marketing emails ‘responsive’, enabling them to be easy to read on all devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. But, with smartwatches, there is another obstacle to overcome.

In the case of the Galaxy Gear, users can’t actually read whole emails on their device; they simply see a notification when a new email arrives, along with a short preview of the message. This makes your subject line and opening sentence more important than ever. They will need to be engaging enough to encourage the user to remove their phone from their pocket or bag in order to read the whole message. This puts a physical ‘step’ between your emails and their recipients.

Although this is unlikely to mean that users will stop reading email altogether, it’s probably that they will delay reading their messages until a more convenient time. You may notice that your messages are opened over a longer time-frame, rather than within a few hours of them being sent. This has the potential to change the way we approach marketing emails, and affect the way we measure their success.