Yahoo! MaiYahoo! is the latest big name technology company to suffer from a significant hack of their services. On 30th January, the web giant released an important security update for users of its Mail service to counter “a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts.” Impacted users were quickly urged to change their passwords.

Yahoo! doesn’t believe the list of usernames and passwords was obtained directly from their own servers, pointing to the likelihood of a third-party database being the source of the breach. It is believed that the information sought in the attack was names and addresses from the affected accounts’ recently sent emails.

Aside from resetting passwords, Yahoo! is also working with federal law enforcement in order to find who was behind the attack. Although no specifics were given, they have also claimed that they have “implemented additional measures to block attacks against Yahoo’s systems.”.

The security breach will have no negative impact on email marketing clients such as mailingmanager, but it is a timely reminder about the importance of strong passwords. Yahoo!, unsurprisingly, has taken to suggesting its users adopt better password practices by using combinations of letters, symbols and numbers and ensuring that the password is changed regularly.

So, while your mailingmanager data is safe, we can do nothing but recommend the same thing: please ensure your password is as cryptic as possible!