Yahoo! Mail securityIn January 2013, Yahoo! began offering users of its email service the option to access their messages via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (or ‘HTTPS’ for short) sessions. This feature had been long called for by security-conscious webmail users.

The introduction of HTTPS (which was initially optional) was welcomed, because it implemented full encryption for all data sent between users’ devices and Yahoo!’s mail servers.

A year has passed and Yahoo! are now making HTTPS the default setting for all of its mail users, joining both and Gmail, which have both done so for several years.

Here’s what it means to us all.

Email marketers

It’s good news, because nothing changes. HTTPS will not impact deliverability, image rendering or the ability to track click-throughs and opens. Yahoo!’s servers will not alter any aspect of the email being sent or received – they’ll just make sure it reaches its intended destination under the upmost security.

Yahoo! Mail users

For the holders of Yahoo! email addresses, the changes are nothing but good news. With data security so firmly in the spotlight, the introduction of an industry-standard encryption method simply means that email messages are less likely to be compromised by prying eyes. When you take into account that 51% of all email is now opened on mobile devices, the locations and networks on which messages are received vary wildly from one hour to the next. HTTPS ensures that the user is protected during their journey.